Before becoming Moka Rica, green coffee goes through several stages.

Moka Rica, exterior view of the production complexWe import green coffee from the most prestigious cultivations in the world, always from the same producers, thus ensuring a high level and continuous quality; besides, all the consignments of green coffee we buy are the result of a preselection of representative samples of the lot of goods, and only the best consignments are chosen for the purchase.

Moka Rica, roastingWe roast coffee with a discontinuous cycle rotary drum roaster; with this machine we can roast origin by origin for each type, varying the cooking time (about 15 minutes) to enhance the flavor notes of the Arabica coffees, or to obtain the best of Robust coffees. The chemical and physical characteristics  between the two species are: the Arabic, a higher content of sucrose (sugar) and is therefore bitter, with a quantity of caffeine, between 0,50 and 1,55 %, and a higher content of oil (about 18%). The oil percentage is very important because the fatty substance is the "reservoir" of aromas; the Arabica allows a more delicate extract, a superior quality. In the Robust, whose plant has a highter resistance to environmental conditions, we find a caffeine content that may reach the value of the 3%, and a low oil and sugar content. The Robust extract has an intense flavour, more bitter and not always pleasant; but it is appreciated beause creamy.

The roasting is one of the most important phases; it is thanks to this processing that the characteristic fragrance and flavour of coffee develop; therefore, in addition to the watchful and expert eye of our staff we employ a computerized control of all stages of roasting.

 The cooling is only by air, in order to preserve the aromas as long as possible.
 After the roasting type by type and a further cleanup phase, the coffee is seasoned in big silos: the coffee matures releasing the aromas and taste which ennoble it.

Moka Rica, the packaging lineThe packaging varies from those for family use, in pods, capsules, sacks and vacuum-packed cans or in a controlled atmosphere which ensure the product a longer preservation, up to the special 1 kg and 3 kg packs for coffee bar.

The administration and sales office continually review all the processing stages supported by the most advanced operative techniques. Our stores, spacious and bright, keep the green coffees separated from the finished products to the packagings.

Moka Rica, a new mixingThe Laboratory ensures a high quality production; in fact it deals with the control of incoming raw materials and the work processes of the finished product with very modern equipment and techniques.

The experience and ability of our master roasters are bases for the balance and consistency of the produced mixtures.

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