Moka Rica, la storia della torrefazione a ForlìCoffee.. a moment of relax and a burst of energy

We must be proud of the record universally accorded to us in the so called 3 F:  Furniture, Fashion and Food.

After being acclaimed in Furniture and Fashon, for us roasters, in the field of Food, there is a big pride to celebrate the typical italian Espresso coffee. Moka Rica since 1950 has been spokesman of this concept and its name is now a synonimous with quality, its summary in the slogan “Coffee in Frac”.


Its name comes from the crasis of  “Moka“ which, in addition to be synonimous with coffee, is also a precious type of Ethiopian coffee, with “Rica“, the final part of the name of the nation Costa Rica, from which one of the best coffe in the world comes.

Moka Rica, la storia della torrefazione a ForlìIt all begins in the 50s, when the writer Silvio Carella founded Moka Rica in a few metres warehouse in the centre of the city together with his son Franco, and it is with him that the little company expands and is known throughout all Emilia Romagna, Marche and Abruzzo. Franco moves the seat of the company in the industrial area, where it currently resides, on an area of 6.000 squared metres of wich 3.500 squared metres are indoor, in order to contain the ever increasing quantity of imported green coffe.

Helped by his daughter Franca it is named Little Man in Frac (pseudonym of Moka Rica) not only in Italy, but also abroad.

Franca, grown up in “a world of coffee” has alll the wisdom of her grandfather and father; she poures her skills and new energies creating an extraordinary balance between innovation and tradition respecting the historical mission of the company which is, and always will be "TO MAKE A COFFEE TO WHICH YOU ALWAYS SAY YES".

Moka Rica, aerei di appoggio Moka Rica, aerei di appoggio

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