Since 1950 the recipes of our blends have been handed down in the Carella family and are jealously guarded in the mind and gestures of the founders and those who succeeded them.

In a rapidly evolving and changing world, to guarantee quality is one of the values on which this company from Forlì has built its image and credibility.

Its founder Franco Carella, the creator of "the Coffe in Frac" wanted to communicate the high quality level characterizing the product of its roasting: that is why even today the Carella family continues the activity in the sign of this same values. Moka Rica has chosen the quality of tradition: a choice that tracesthe strehght of enterpreneurial history, not yelding to the globalization of flavors, but defending and promoting the peculiarities of a decision taken every day for over 60 years.

Periodically Moka Rica proposes a little choice of single origins made 100% by the best coffee in the world, the result of our Master Roaster' experience who, at the moment of roasting, exaltes the aroma to obtain a note of unique taste.

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