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The courses are taught by many professionist of the sector.

It is necessary a registration form because every course has a limited number, in order to guarantee a better interaction between teacher and student.

At the end of the lessons you will receive a certificate according to the attended course.

 "ONE DAY COFFEE SHOP" (Full Immersion Course)

Topics covered:

  • Bartender's ethic and professional ethic, how we work and behave inside the coffee shop communicate our professionality:
  • Characteristics, functionning and maintenance of the coffee grinder hopper and the coffee mill for espresso.
  • The perfect Espresso: how to prepare an espresso, weak coffee, strong coffee, lced coffee, american coffee; simulations for the collective analysis of the correct work methodologies and mise en place.
  • The milk cream: study of the different types of milk, preparation technics, cappuccino and derivates of espresso (coffee with a dash of milk, coffee foam, hot milk with a drop of coffee).
  • Special coffee
  • Hints of milk art.


Espresso and cappuccino. All you have to know for an ever perfect performing.
Duration: about 4 hours

Advanced Café. Ideas for special coffee – Iced coffee – Classic and flavored hot chocolates - Working with topping for cappuccino and decorated caffè.
Duration: about 4 hours

MILK art
Duration: about 6 hours

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