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Moka Rica, la Scuola di CaffetteriaVery recently a "School of Refreshments named Cavalier Franco Carella" has been formed in honour of the Moka Rica patron, who passed away in 2010.

The excellence of the single phases of coffee processing is not sufficient to ensure the achievement of "total quality": you need the support of a valid system of control and coordination, as well as the continuous training of staff.

“Every barman may improve offering to his clients an increasingly high quality; here we try to refine your professional skills so that you may acquire new experiences and become real experts not only in coffee, but also in italian refreshments.
Passion animates us, tradition guides us. Mantaining high quality standards, our goal is to meet the customers' needs. For this reason we provide a fully equipped coffee room in order to transmit our passion to those facing this field, maybe for the first time, through basic level training courses. Instead, for those who are more expert, and would like to improve only some aspects of the barman job, we thought of more specific courses which will increase the professionality of those who will attend them for sure, certainly creating reference figures."

The school is located in a large building near to Moka Rica, in order to guarantee discretion and freedom.
The classroom is furnished like a real café with the most modern equipment which will guarantee a cutting edge training, both practical and theoretical.

Two large screens project images while the teacher explains, so that everyone can learn better.

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